“Diane Epstein is an original artist who has created a profound, extraordinary technique with genuine inspiration. Her photography shows us that we are in front of an artist and personality who we can follow with great admiration and respect.”

—  Lorenza Trucchi
    Italy’s foremost art critic

Cultural and Art Review in Recensito
La Roma of Diane Epstein is a Vision  “Fresco style”.

“In the heart of the Capital there is an enchanted Rome: at the gallery Paolo Antonacci at Via del Babuino, it is possible to see glimpses, remnants and tastes of the capital with new, wondrous eyes. Diane Epstein, a fine art photographer, born in New York, who has spent the [last 15 years- 2010] in Rome, redraws the charm of the city in a temporal key, giving her photos a physical and conceptual substance that goes beyond the everyday glance and unhinges the historical value located in the stones, the trees, and in the angles of the fountains.

The photographs of Diane Epstein pay homage to the age-old spirit of the Eternal City.  The technique, printing with the gicle’e process on fine art paper, that the artist has adopted for her work, deposits on the surface of an image that becomes antiquated, with a dense web of cracks, lacerations and rusting of colors that suddenly age the objects and landscapes, capturing them in their historical essence.

Diane works on many levels, stratifying her images to the point of taking them away from the photographic tradition and mixing them with painting.  Her fresco-style evokes the classic technique of the historical fresco but also, in the blurred and rarified chromatic details, a certain pictorial romanticism.  It is the Rome of today yet also the Rome of all time, the one that emanates from the constructed forms of the images of Diane Epstein. The show embraces both the monumental and aristocratic Rome of the piazzas, of the historical districts, of the bridges and the Coliseum, and also the minute, everyday city, of the “streets,” where Diane captures expressions, profiles, gestures and shadows.

In addition to the contemplative insertion of the architectural marvels of the capital, there is also the added parenthesis that is completely contemporary – a sequence of photos that recount the exceptional snowfall of last February [2010] that Epstein has immortalized in its soft, silent beauty.
— Elisa Lorenzini Journalist

“Diane Epstein is a superb photographer with a sophisticated and artistic eye. Her work is beautiful, and it serves as an inspiration for others who want to achieve her level of success.”
– Jim Zuckerman
World Renowned Photographer  

“The photography of Diane Epstein evokes not only the Italy you experience with your eyes, but the one you see in your dreams and feel beating in your heart of hearts. Her painterly use of texture and layering of multiple visual subtexts provide a fresh, appealing look at the iconic images of Rome and Italy. She hands you a Rome to take home, that with a glance carries you to the Eternal City.”
– Monique Quesada
   Past Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer, American Embassy, Rome, Italy

“Many compliments to Diane on her most interesting and artistic work! The unique architectural details that she was able to capture, transformed by her photographic technique and the colors that she chose, creates a rare and unusual perspective out of traditional vistas. The hidden view of St. Peter’s between two columns seems taken from the inside, the dome of the Pantheon recalls the perspective play of Padre Pozzo, and the details of the statues at the Campidoglio, treated with an air of misty blue, creates a whole new story. But even the smaller works on paper — of fruits and vegetables — sequenced together, have a modern Renaissance flavor. May she continue to see this city with such distinctive eyes.”
— Rita Parma
   Instituto Nationale per la Grafica

“We both agree that Diane Epstein, without a doubt has come to a milestone in her photography, establishing a newfound originality which sets her apart. It is true that her images convey to the viewer a certain serenity and calm while at the same time evoking a melange of wonderfully curious pictures – the photographs speak of untold stories in secret places.”
— Stefan Lennert and Jill Barnes-Dacey
   International Art Dealer and Artist

“I appreciate Diane’s photographic works because they are between the dream of a textured image and reality. And then fate adds something you don’t expect. Like the picture of the ever so subtle bicycle that lays against the statue of Babuino. Rome inspires Diane as she lives it with passion… I like the sounds made of stone between the pre-historical silences of ancient Rome”.

— Luigi Boille

“Diane has truly perfected her technique to show Rome in the way she sees it-through many layers”.
— Jeannette Barron

“Dianes spectacular photographs speak more than a thousand words – with their texture, colors and intimate viewpoint. Seeing her images is like going to Rome and seeing La Citta’ Eterna through Diane´s eyes. You’ll have visual memories you can share with your loved ones, that will last forever”.
— Tina Peldan
   Artist/Creative Coach

“These pictures can only be a huge hit at the hotel Babuino, 181. Diane has come so far since I first saw her work years ago! Her photography continues to grow and become a more precise reflection of her view of Rome”.
— James Barron
   International Art Dealer

“Diane is a very creative, insightful and perceptive individual.  She has a very keen “eye” whether psychologically or with just the right angle and lighting of a particular object to be immortalized for all time. Diane is an incredibly gifted person who is socially skilled and has the gift to make every person with whom she interacts to feel important and unique. I highly recommend Diane for her professional talents”.
— James D’Aurora
   Licensed Psychologist