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Diane Epstein's fine art photography and biophilic art are nature-inspired and culturally rich, designed to awaken a sense of serenity, well-being and deeper connection. As a world renowned artist and pioneer of Fresco Photography, her art adds textural complexity that uplifts spirits, invites healing and brings your interior space to life. Diane's hands-on, personalized service takes your vision and makes it real, offering a variety of materials and sizes to transform home, workspace, hospitality, creative, sanctuary and healthcare environments.



Contact Diane Epstein:

  • commission customized art/collages/screens
  • receive price quotes, sizes for limited edition Fresco Photography
  • collaborate on innovative design projects
  • feature Diane Epstein’s Fresco Photography for gallery exhibitions, publications and biophilic presentations

Set up a complimentary consultation

  • discuss your challenges, needs, vision, co-creative ideas for working, living, hospitality or branded environments
  • speak with the photographer/ collage/ biophilic artist about what you love in art, how to bring design renewal into your space and any particular images you are drawn to
  • zoom with Diane for inspiration and ideas to bring your interior space to life
  • uplevel your environment for wellness, creative renewal, connection, and to feel better and function at a higher level
  • find out how to incorporate biophilic art: nature-inspired or mission/culture/spirit of place into your interior design