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Diane Epstein's fine art images and biophilic art are designed to awaken a sense of serenity, well-being and deep connection. As a world-renowned artist and pioneer of Fresco Photography, with its healing, sensory, textural complexity, and patina of time, captures the enchantment of nature and the spirit of place, and brings your interior space to life.

biophilia [buy-oh-feel-yuh]:  As humans we have a deep, inbred psychological need for connection to all that is alive. This inherent desire can be nurtured with art + design inspired by nature, which can contribute to a more productive, creative home and work life -- with a greater sense of ease, discovery and fulfillment, where you feel you are just where you want to be.

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Choose the type of art + design that engages your positive emotions, that is impactful, beautiful, unique, authentic and inspirational 

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Diane Epstein Fine Art Images
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