Diane Epstein

“Italy was my home for two decades, and so many moments will be with me always: The swirling heart designs the barman gracefully drizzled on my cappuccino, a daily morning ritual. Walking down a cobblestone street and glancing up just in time to catch the sunlight shyly caressing the iconic Roman columns. Heading home from the outdoor market with an armful of fresh fruit, zucchinni blossoms, artichokes off the vine, and a plump fresh mozzarella di bufala.

I was in the grip of heart-stopping beauty at every turn, it seemed. And everywhere, I perceived this sweet reverence for imperfection and the patina of time, which overlay the ancient trees, the crumbling walls, and the centuries-old structures that still possess an undiminished poise and strength of character. 

We are always in a dance with our environment — we shape it, and it shapes us. For me, the feast for the senses that is Italy became an irresistible invitation to take up my camera and join that dance, with its own rhythm and sense of timing, and beauty in its fragility.

For much of my career, I’d been a creativity coach and therapist dealing with matters of the heart and mind.  Soon after returning back to California, I would seek to create images that become part of that larger universal dance in the external world – images that not only reflect a deep love of life and the art of living, but which also become part of environments that breathe life and vitality into the people who visit, dwell or work in them.

Research now tells us what we sensed all along: that there’s a direct connection between design, and the stirring and engagement of positive emotion.

My intuition tells me that somewhere beyond science, it’s possible to listen to my images as well as view them. They have stories to whisper, dreams to evoke.

I’d love to know: When you allow yourself to pause and look deeper into one of the Fresco photographs, when you allow your imagination to run wild, what do you see, what do you feel? 

Perhaps together we can create an experience that goes beyond and breaks free of the static walls that beg to breathe in something fresh and groundbreaking.

What I know for sure is that I am here on earth to create images that reveal the ancient wisdom, as well as the power of love, illumination and the beauty and luscious, imperfect perfection of nature and all that is alive. I make art that pays tribute to the timeless, that celebrates ageless beauty, and that is intended to make you feel grateful and happy to be alive.

Because life is, after all, very sweet indeed.

— Diane Epstein, fine art photographer


“Diane Epstein is an original artist who has created a profound, extraordinary technique with genuine inspiration. Her photography shows us that we are in front of an artist and personality who we can follow with great admiration and respect.”  — Lorenza Trucchi, Italy’s foremost Art Critic


Fine Art Photographer. Diane Epstein Photography 2003 – Present
Innovative artist and pioneer of Fresco Photography.
Diane Epstein collaborates with designers, architects and art consultants and collectors to create art to enhance the design of interior spaces for home, hospitality, flexble workspace and branded environments. Epstein exhibits her photography in galleries, showrooms, museums, embassies, and universities in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Founder, The Artist Salon 2013 – Present
An international artistic community where creative professionals and artists exchange ideas, collaborate and organize multidisciplinary exhibits in order to realize their creative potential and share the transforming power of art with the world.


Alongside the prominent collection of world-class photographers, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, the Dorskind family collection has purchased 2 nude fresco photographs by Diane Epstein at 24 x 36″ entitled: Immersed (Female Torso in Water) and Derriere

Stanford University commission for 4 large-scale diptych and triptych fresco collages printed on stretched canvas entitled: Open Book (72″x 72″) Hands of Connection (72″x 72″), Shapes of Wisdom (84″ x 60″), and the Mystery of Knowledge (84″ x 60″) for four lobbies of graduate school residential halls

Trees on Sliding Glass, (85″H x 40″ W), Sonoma, California. Printed and inlaid in glass with light reflecting behind the image

Collage of A.S Roma Soccer Trio commissioned by one of the U.S owners of the soccer team in Rome. Printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper (each at 40″H x 40″W). The trio of the soccer balls consists of a Golden Ball; Romulus & Remus and a Fire Ball. Fresco photography triptych for L.A. offices

Museum of Rome’s Caffe Braschi, (Piazza Navona) Rome; Showing of fifteen various sized fresco photographs stretched on canvas and printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper, as well as color/sepia-toned images of cafe life.

Hotel Mario de Fiori 37, Rome, Six images (43’H X 65″W each) printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper of architectural fresco photographs and framed for their suites and lounge, and 36″H X 87″W image for the lobby. Permanent installation.

La Scala in Malaysia; Ten large-scale fresco photographs printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper and framed throughout the luxury space and restaurant.

Rome Luxury Suites, Babuino 35, Rome; Large-scale (90″H x 313″W) collage with 325 images, printed on printed on fine art paper and backed in aluminum, inlaid in the wall of the lobby with special lighting above the collage, with coating that eliminated the need for glass. An additional twelve fresco photographs (43’H X 65″W each) were installed in their lounges and suites. Permanent installation.

Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas; (50’H X 50″W) fresco photograph for a public space. Permanent installation.

Sheraton Hotel, Rome; Four (65″H X 43″W) sepia toned architectural images printed on printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper and framed for public space. Permanent installation.

Hotel Babuino 181, Rome; Commissioned to create over sixty photographs, including frescoes for lobby, breakfast area and 16 suites (64″ x 43″ each), and sepia-toned architectural details printed on printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper throughout the hotel, as well as a large-scale diptych for the dining area. Permanent installation.

Hotel Margutta 54, Rome; Fresco photograph stretched on canvas (72″H X 51″W) for the hotel entrance and 4 other large-scale fresco images printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper for the suites. Permanent installation.


Room Art Gallery, Mill Valley; Fresco Photography: An Open Book, February 1- March 1. Art Lovers Opening: February 16, 2019. New Fresco images shown alongside Miro’, Chagall and Picasso / Each month in 2019

Shears & Window, San Francisco; Diane Epstein: Transforming Interior Space with Fresco Photography (Solo Opening) |September 2015 – April 2016.

Gerald Bland Gallery, New York; Transforming Interior Space with Fresco Photography. (Solo Opening) | April 2015.  Continued representation and showing to the present.

St. Stephen’s Cultural Center Foundation, Rome: Meanwhile: Light and Presence (Group Show with the Artist Salon) May 2014 – June 2014

Gerald Bland Gallery, New York; Angels, Goddesses and the Spirit of Italy (Solo Opening) | December 2011 – February 2012

Paolo Antonacci Gallery, Rome; Capturing the Timelessness of Venice, Rome & the Italian Countryside | (Solo Show) September – October 2011

Panopticon Gallery, Boston; Photography Salon (Group Show) | May 2011

Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington, DC; Beneath the Surface (Solo Show) | November – Dec. 2010

Gerald Bland Gallery, New York; Beneath the Surface (Solo Opening)| October – November 2010

Paolo Antonacci Gallery, Rome; La Roma di Diane Epstein (Solo Show) | May – September 2010

American Embassy, Rome; Diane Epstein’s Latest Works (Solo Show)| October – November 2009

American Academy, Rome; Through the Eyes of Women (Group Show) | May 2006

The Residence of the Belgian Ambassador to Italy, Rome, Roma Autentica (Solo Show) | May 2005

John Cabot University, Rome; Roma Autentica (Solo Show) | May – June 2005

Museum at Palazzo Boccarini, Amelia, Umbria; Le Foto di Diane Epstein (Solo Show) | June 2005


Masters of Arts Degree in Psychology and Counseling
John F. Kennedy University
Graduated with honors

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts
Sonoma State University
Graduated with honors

Born in New York City, Epstein lived in California during her youth and college years, with a stint in London during high school. She lived in Rome, Italy from 1995- 2016, when she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.