Perhaps you feel there is something more to your life? …. Like something is missing. There’s a bit of a gap between where you are and where you know you can be, and where you want to be.

YOU KNOW there is something that will uplift your spirits, bring on that expression of joy, let you know that you are in love with your life…

But you’re not too sure exactly what it might look like or how to get there…

Find your Creative/ Life Calling

You just know something feels ready to burst forth, something that easily allows you to be fully present, engaged and creatively inspired...

Navigate Life Transitions

Maybe you’re in transition: whether you are starting something new, ready to develop something beyond your family, or well-established but not satisfied … you just know something needs to be more fully in alignment in order to make that shift.  

Realize your Power, Brilliance and Potential and that of your Relationships

Especially if you and/or those around you are feeling depleted, disconnected, uninspired, or unclear about what’s next. 

Imagine a sanctuary designed to help you identify the disconnect, fill that gap, guide you to embody a deeper sense of serenity and aliveness and show you a healthier way of being.

Imagine discovering your creative inspiration and tuning into the playful happy person that has long been forgotten.

Imagine getting in touch with the artist within and designing a life full of joy, innovation and resourcefulness.

Imagine being inspired to capture the beauty and love that surrounds you — through photo journeys, art strolls, collage, painting and writing explorations, culinary adventures, swimming, hiking, dancing — all set in an uplifting, relaxed, healing environment.

Life By Design Retreats invites you to focus and tune into your creative and intuitive calling, to get in touch with your deepest yearnings, and to awaken your senses to deepen into the core of who you are.

Life by Design Retreats are inspirational adventures. They are fully customized and attract entrepreneurs, creatives (art lovers, architects, designers, visionaries), intimate groups of friends, womens’ associations, innovative companies, as well as individuals and couples wanting to breathe fresh life into themselves and their relationships.

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Meet Diane Epstein, the pioneer of “Fresco Photography.” She is the founder and creative coach of Life by Design Retreats, an artist, collage/change-maker, facilitator, mentor and master coach.

Diane works with you to transform your mindset, vision, mission and message to take back your power to make room for compelling, life-affirming, benefitial, meaningful connections – doing what you love – with your family, friends, work and life.

Diane leads retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area, at your location, in Italy, or at your dream location. She blends the best of California living and Italian “la dolce vita”.

 ” Diane’s convergence of art and creative coaching evoke a reverence for the spirit of all living beings – people, nature and our environment – and inspire a deep sense of wonder, creativity, aliveness and connection.”

More About Diane:

– Diane has her masters degree in counseling and health education, and has been an innovator in the field of creative coaching and leading retreats since 1983

She lived a passionate, “life by design” adventure in Italy for two decades

She continues to facilitate creative retreats, photography/ culinary adventures worldwide including Italy, France, Mexico, and the U.S.

– Her art exhibitions and large-scale commissions are shown around the world

San Francisco Bay Area retreats are held at Diane’s artist salon in her home in Point Richmond, California, with an art studio, light-filled meeting space, open kitchen and garden/ swim spa, with hiking trails and magnificent views. Book your customized retreat and coaching intensive with Diane!

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