Navigate Life Transitions

Even though you may have had your share of ups and downs, creative breakthroughs, heartfelt love and losses, life-altering undertakings, misfortunes and great achievements — even if you’ve been at the top of your game, you could be at a crossroads, feeling depleted, disconnected or uninspired. You may feel like you’ve been trekking uphill on an outmoded route that has lost its vividness, its vitality, and you are being beckoned to get back on track.

Fall in Love with Your Life

You may be yearning to create something more empowering, transformative, sustaining. You know there is a richer, more authentic path, a place where you belong, where you feel seen, felt, touched, where your vision, passion and influence are undeniably received.

If you knew this route promises life to be like an art form in which you are the artist, the manifestor, the creator of beauty, balance, love – of all living things – would you step onto this path?

You may have a sense something feels ready to burst forth, something that easily allows you to be fully present, engaged and creatively inspired...

Discover your Creative/ Life Calling

Imagine being invited into a sanctuary where your imagination soars, where you capture the beauty you see, the deeply felt perspective you hold, where you release old patterns, express your desires, your ideas, your vision, discover your higher aspirations.

Imagine recovering your creative inspiration and tuning into the playful happy person that has long been forgotten through photo journeys, art strolls, collage-making, layered-love notes, painting, writing and soulful explorations.

Imagine allowing yourself the pleasures of all your senses, the tastes, aromas, the culinary adventures, the movement, music, dancing, swimming, hiking, the gratifying conversations — all set in a gracious, uplifting, nourishing environment.

Imagine getting in touch with the artist within and designing a life full of joy, innovation, resourcefulness and creative manifestations.

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Meet Diane Epstein

Recognized as the pioneer of “Fresco Photography,” Diane is the founder and creative coach of Life by Design Retreats, a world-renowned artist, collage/change-maker, facilitator, mentor and innovative coach. Diane has been leading relationship and creative retreats and ongoing sessions, guiding individuals, couples and groups for over 30 years.

Diane works with you to transform your mindset, vision, mission, message, and love life, to take back your power and make room for compelling, life-affirming, meaningful connections and artistic creationsdoing what you love.

Diane lived a passionate, “life by design” adventure in Italy for two decades. She blends the best of California living and Italian “la dolce vita”.

Book a Rejuevenating Retreat and/or Adventure in Italy

Treat yourself to an individualized retreat; join your partner in a private couples retreat; gather with a group of friends, colleagues or associates; or join a new group of like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs and adventurers in transition.

Whether you choose a spa-like setting in the San Francisco Bay Area, an Italian villa in Rome or the Italian countryside, or your dream location, you will enjoy world-class taste, timeless culture, and ageless beauty, while stimulating your curiosity, creativity and connections — led by a creative coach and artist with an insider’s view on how to live la dolce vita.

Realize your Power, Brilliance and Potential

Get your creative juices flowing, wake up the passionate, committed, romantic, adventurous side of you, make rich connections, focus on your life calling, reinvent yourself, and engage in lively interchange- at a place that inspires you to fall in love with your life.

 ” Diane’s convergence of art and creative coaching evoke a reverence for the spirit of all living beings – people, nature and our environment – that inspire a deep sense of wonder, creativity, aliveness and connection.”

Choose Your LifeMore About Your Mentor

Diane and her family were guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show, entitled: “Choose Your Life.” They were also filmed by Oprah’s crew while living in Italy, As the Romans Do, exploring their American Family’s Italian Odyssey.

Diane has her masters degree in counseling and health education, trained as a marriage family therapist, and has been a creative coach, leading retreats since 1983. Diane continues to facilitate creative retreats, photography journeys and culinary adventures worldwide including Italy, France, Mexico, and the U.S.

Diane has been featured in countless solo art exhibitions and large-scale commissions around the world since 2004.

Book your complimentary discovery session now and see if your are a good fit — what kind of retreat best suits you, and if coaching solo with Diane! is just what you need.

San Francisco Bay Area retreats are held at Diane Epstein’s artist salon/ home in Point Richmond, California, with an art studio, light-filled meeting space, open kitchen and garden/ swim spa, hiking trails and magnificent views.

Customize your retreat or creative coaching intensive for you, your friends and loved ones, or your organization for the New Year.

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