The Shape of Knowledge (Biblioteca Angelica) Rome ref# 8492_sepia_fresco_sq

The Shape of Knowledge    (Biblioteca Angelica)  Rome    ref# 8492_sepia_fresco_sq

Turn the Page (Biblioteca Angelica) ref# 8311_fresco_sepia-sq

Turn the Page   (Biblioteca Angelica) ref# 8311_fresco_sepia_sq

An Open Book   Paris  ref# 1365_layer_sq_sepia

Ancient Dreams  Rome ref# Z8D7741_fresco

Immersed (Female Torso in Water) Rome ref# 0588_fresco

Immersed (Female Torso in Water)   Rome ref# 0588_fresco

Hip Man Rome ref# Z8D7735_blue_layer

Male Torso - sepia 2013 Rome ref# Z8D7876_sepia_layer

Male Torso  Rome    ref# Z8D7876_sepia_fresco

Reaching Beyond (Fontana di Monte Cavallo - Piazza del Quirinale) Rome

Reaching Beyond (Fontana di Monte Cavallo – Piazza del Quirinale) Rome ref# 9760_fresco

Reflections on a Point of View (Chateau de Versailles) France ref# 1489_freesco

Reflections on a Point of View (Chateau de Versailles)  ref#1489_fresco

Hand Gesture (Chateau de Versailles) France ref# 1472_fresco

Hand Gesture (Chateau de Versailles) France ref# 1472_fresco

Time Stands Still Puglia ref# 3689_blue_layer

Time Stands Still    Puglia ref# 3689_blue_layer

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Still Life & the Human Form

  • human form

With this body of work, I aim to capture the age old patina of a fresco while conveying a contemporary, visually poetic image. I experiment with the texture and substance of that which most of us desire -- time, space, love, connection, knowledge, and nourishment. I seek to make visible the absence that takes one deeper inside -- to a meditative, dreamlike, sensual place, and to the openness and shape of desire.

Without abandoning my original, signature style -- superimposing and merging images at various degrees of opacity and translucence -- I explore new dimensions of light, shadow, space, contour, and curve while exposing the surfaces and elements of what we are drawn to, including the human form, food, architecture and the world of books.

When it comes to our desire to learn, represented in "Turn the Page," "An Open Book," and "The Shape of Knowledge" this takes us beyond mere necessity to a higher place, one that allows us to communicate, connect and understand humanity with the various turns it has taken for both good and bad. We can gain knowledge from others, and make a more positive contribution to the whole.

In taking a closer look at what a piece of fruit symbolizes, to recognize its beauty and simplicity as a work-of-art, we can use eating as a daily meditation -- by seeing and touching its shape and texture, breathing in its aroma, and tasting its sweetness and juiciness, it truly fulfills our body and soul's requirements for real nourishment.

- Diane Epstein