Tree Reflection 2015 Sonoma Valley ref# 20159745A_fresco

Tree Reflection  2015 Sonoma Valley, California ref#20159745A_fresco

Trees with Light Beams Moss Beach California ref# L9A3410_blu_brn_fresco

Butterfly Series (Yellow) ref# L9A5261_fresco


Owl Eyes Mexico ref# 3656_fresco

Lake Berryessa   Napa Valley, California ref# L9A0449_fresco[/caption]

Great hearted Egret  Grey Lodge National Wildlife Refuge,  California ref# 4Y5A7963_fresco

Moss Beach Seaview ref# L9A3415_blue_fresco

Great Blue Herons Vera Cruz  Mexico ref# 4725_blue_fresco

Showered with Light 2015 St. Helena, California ref# 20159883_fresco

Showered with Light 2015  St. Helena, California ref# 20159883_fresco

Butterfly Brilliance ref# L9A5346_fresco


Fontana della Famiglia Verde    St. Helena,  (Napa Valley) California      ref# 20150037_fresco

Fontana della Famiglia Verde     2015  St. Helena,  (Napa Valley) California      ref# 20150037_fresco

Lily Pond, Sonoma Valley ref# 20150768_fresco

Lily Pond  Sonoma Valley, California   20015ref# 20150768_fresco                                 


Butterfly Series (Green)    ref# L9A5707_fresco

Butterflies, Birds & Natural Landscapes

  • butterflies and birds
  • landscape
  • nature
  • well-being

"There is great aliveness in Diane Epstein's fresco photography with her innate ability to capture the spirit and soul of nature. The layering of colors and images are dynamic, offering the feeling of shifting rays of sunlight, swaying treetops and fluttering fauna. Diane leaves the space to imagine, to expand and to understand our interconnectedness to a world much greater than ourselves.

We evolved as a species in a biocentric environment and mounting research supports that incorporating nature into our lives, directly and indirectly, can promote healing, well-being and reduce stress."

-- Elizabeth Calabrese, AIA
Architect and Educator of Biophilic Design

I am interested in trailblazing projects that incorporate nature + design that bring the interior space, and our own inner landscape, to life. Whether printing on off-the-wall art structures or blending the culture of the enviornment, my aim is to create meaningful impact and bring nature inside our healthcare, living and work spaces. With these cultural and ecological landscapes, patterns in nature, texture and depth, rays of light, landscapes, water, and organic shapes, these images can reinforce and complement our experience with nature and be woven into the built environment.

--- Diane Epstein