Light Beam (Santa Maria Sopra Minerva) Rome ref #3733_fresco

Light Beam (Santa Maria Sopra Minerva)    Rome    ref #3733_fresco

Pantheon Dome (misty blue) 2009 Rome ref# 051029_6152_blue_layer

Pantheon Dome (misty blue) 2009 Rome ref# 051029_6152_blue_layer

Venice Fog

Venice Fog  ref# 007_fresco

Looking Up Puglia ref# 3761_blue_fresco

Looking Up    Puglia ref# 3761_blue_fresco

Dancing in the Light (vertical) Ragussa, Sicily ref # 8756_blue_vert_fresco

Dancing in the Light (vertical) Ragussa, Sicily ref # 8756_blue_vert_fresco

Contemplation Venice ref # 3288_blue_layer

Contemplation       Venice ref # 3288_blue_fresco

Bathing in the Light Rome ref# 4981_blue_layer

Bathing in the Light     Rome     ref# 4981_blue_fresco

Garden Grace (Luxembourg Gardens) Paris ref # 3761_blue_layer

Garden Grace (Luxembourg Gardens) Paris ref # 3761_blue_fresco

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Illumination & Sacred Places

  • architecture
  • human form
  • nature

This photographic series focuses on the search for self-realization, with an aim to bring love, faith, and freedom to light, to create an aura of both tranquility and clarity. Often viewers of my work speculate as to whether they are looking at a painting or photograph, but these images are also meant to bring into question whether the photograph is not only real, but also an image of a dream -- to bring a true sense of wonder to the experience.

My purpose is to subtly unveil what is beneath the surface, what is hidden behind the visible. Seeing beyond preconceived notions, beyond what is obviously in front of us, so we can develop new eyes to charter unknown territroy and to let in the light that begins to penetrate the darkness.

Is this not the case in the ascension towards the light in "Bathing in the Light", “Looking Up”, “Light Beam” and “Wonder of the World?” What does the illumination reach toward? A new direction, a glimpse or presentiment of the other side, nirvana, or even just the pathway to the vastness and glimmer of the open sky to find a little peace of mind?

Do we not each seek our transcendence individually? I witness this in the realization of architectural or artistic genius, and through the simple love of music and nature. In “Garden Grace,” there is a man sitting on a bench in Luxembourg Gardens, deep in meditation, and I wonder about his life. Was it filled with treasured memories? Did he have a great love affair, does he sit with regrets or loss? In “Foggy Ragusa” the enchanting, mysterious garden in Sicily, does it not also lure us to a sense of abandon, to a place where we can commune with nature?

- Diane Epstein