Entwined  (Tree in Deserted House)  Cadiz, Vera Cruz, Mexico             

Tree Reflection  Sonoma Valley California  ref# 20159745A_fresco

Tree Pathway    Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, California ref# L9A4244_blue_fresco

Moss Beach Light Beam ref# L9A3410_blu_brn_fresco

Olive Tree Tuscany ref# 5612_golden_fresco

Olive Tree Tuscany ref# 5612_golden_fresco

Albero Antico    2010 Sabina Lazio    ref# Z8D3763_fresco

Foggy Ragusa 2010 Sicily    ref# 8753_fresco


Natures Breath 2015 Presidio Heights, San Francisco ref # 20150576_fresco

2015 Lago di Como Italy ref# 6663_fresco

Giardino – 2014 Lago di Como Italy  ref# 6663_fresco


2015 Lago di Como Italy ref# 6572_fresco

Peaceful Dwelling    2014  Lago di Como, Italy ref# 6572_fresco


2015 Lago di Como Italy ref# 6375_fresco

Cup Runneth Over  2014  Lago di Como, Italy  ref# 6375_fresco

Standing with Dignity Ragussa, Sicily 2013 ref # 8758_blue_layer

Standing with Dignity      2013  Ragussa,Sicily  ref # 8758_blue_layer

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Trees & Garden Mystique

  • nature
  • well-being

Witness ancient olive groves, dancing trees in misty fog, gnarly trunks bent over with time. I don't have to be persuaded as to why the olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, power and pureness. It only makes these landscape seem filled with true meaning, its beauty bursting forth with an array of cornucopian delights, not only going to my head and my belly, but also nourishing my spirit. The fresco photograph, "Albero Antico", taken around the bend from my friend Giuseppe's family's country villa in Lazio, stands over 2000 years old, and the image, "Olive Tree" was a commission taken in the garden of an Italian architect; and "Standing with Dignity" and "Foggy Ragussa" trees stand in the public gardens in Sicily, revealing the undeniably resplendent and enchanting Italian landscape. "Moss Beach Light Beams" is my most recent image that represents a new chapter in my life, moving back to the California after 20 years in Italy. After the loss of my husband, wandering in the forest, and eventually coming out of the darkness, I have found new love and light. "Entwined" was taken in Mexico on our first journey outside the US together on a bird watching excursion. These new images are the first of many that are part of this new bend in the road for me, where I am focused primarily on Biophilic Design, bringing nature from the outside in -- to create vitality, health and well-being in the built environment.

- Diane Epstein