Pomodori    2009  Rome ref# 6435_fresco_sq

Blossoming Artichoke, Sonoma Valley ref# 20150782_fresco

Blossoming Artichoke    2015  Sonoma Valley, California     ref# 20150782_fresco

Grapes of the Vine 2015 Sonoma Valley ref# 20150803_fresco

Grapes of the Vine      2015    Sonoma Valley, California      ref# 20150803_fresco

Artichoke (lavender) ref# 20159739_fresco

Opening Heart Artichoke  (lavender)     2015 ref# 20159739_fresco Sonoma Valley,  California

Carciofi Rome ref# 7683_layer_sq

                                                            Carciofi    2009  Rome    ref# 7683_fresco_sq

Fiori di zucca    2009  Rome     ref# 9187_2_fresco_sq

Pere    2009  Roma    ref# 3893_fresco_sq

Limoni    2009  Rome    5238_fresco_sq

Mele    2009  Rome    ref# 0621_2_fresco_sq

Piselli    2009  Rome    ref# 5273_fresco_sq

Uva    2011  Rome    ref# 5754_fresco_sq


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Fruit & Vegetables

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These photos are a study of texture, shape and color. Using fruit and vegetables as symbolic gestures, I endeavor to transform the natural gifts of everyday life into a work of art: the intricate design of the artichoke, the sweet richness of the tomato, the brilliant delicacy of the zucchini flower, the fresh zest of the lemon, and the essential boldness of the garlic and hot peppers all contribute to a deep, fulfilling Italian scene. A still life, yes, but also a vivid sensation that speaks of an entire culture, turning culinary passion into art and truly honoring those things that grow and sustain us.

- Diane Epstein