Offerings Hong Kong ref# DSCF9476B_fresco

Offerings         Hong Kong       ref# DSCF9476B_fresco

Unveiled Ayutthaya, Thailand ref# DSCF0938

Unveiled       Ayutthaya, Thailand      ref# DSCF0938

Sixth Sense Ayutthaya, Thailand ref# DSCF1698_fresco

Sixth Sense      Ayutthaya, Thailand      ref# DSCF1698_fresco

Facing Roots Ayutthaya, Thailand ref# DSCF0907A_fresco

Facing Roots      Ayutthaya, Thailand      ref# DSCF0907A_fresco

Stillness Ayutthaya, Thailand ref# DSCF0790_fresco

Stillness      Ayutthaya, Thailand      ref# DSCF0790_fresco

Realization Big Buddha, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong ref# DSCF9490_fresco

Realization      Big Buddha     Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong      ref# DSCF9490_fresco

Oneness Ayutthaya, Thailand ref# DSCF0807_fresco

Oneness      Ayutthaya, Thailand      ref# DSCF0807_fresco

Gratitude Hong Kong ref# DSCF9491_fresco

Gratitude      Hong Kong ref# DSCF9491_fresco

Healing     Ayutthaya, Thailand  ref# DSCF0842_fresco     

Healing       Ayutthaya, Thailand       ref# DSCF0842_fresco

Sacred Wisdom ref# DSCF0500_fresco Bangkok, Thailand

Sacred Wisdom ref# DSCF0500_fresco Bangkok, Thailand

Insight Ayutthaya, Thailand ref# DSCF0849B_fresco

Insight       Ayutthaya, Thailand       ref# DSCF0849B_fresco

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Facing Buddha

  • illumination
  • well-being

Traveling to unfamiliar places can be a way to get beyond ourselves, to enter a different reality, to take an alternative route on our path in search of creative inspiration -- to find some sort of meaning in a world of ambiguity, and ideally to be transformed and enter a sacred territory within. My journey to Southeast Asia allowed me to explore the beauty of local culture, rich symbolism and sacred places, with the aim of capturing a glimpse of the mystical past and revealing it in the present moment.

I embarked upon this enchanting adventure and found impressions of Buddhas appearing around every turn, guiding me to a sense of place and peace of mind. Traveling to these holy places -- recently to Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam -- I was struck by the expressions of the Buddhas, their faces, their hands, their gestures and their place in nature. I was led to various temples, sometimes on a tuk tuk, other times on rickety old buses, and high above in a swaying cable car. I would observe the monks while trekking in the mountains above small villages, and as I made my way through the chaotic streets in Bangkok and Hanoi, always with a promise that tranquility, insight and true presence were there to be embraced.

Although it is not possible to find enlightenment by just gazing upon these statutes or observing the people, it is undeniable that it allowed me to enter into a different frame of mind, becoming more aware of my own inner journey - to clear my mind and develop more love and compassion. By witnessing many perspectives, by channeling the spirit and impressions of the Buddha, from the grounds of ancient temples to the gold glittered, to the colossal, and to those embedded in the roots of a tree, I always felt their gaze upon me, reaching out, as if a voice of wisdom was whispering in the distance.

From each place and face, from the essence of this mysterious arena, an inspiring revelation may be quietly whispering deep within, compelling us to take the next step. As in the last words of the Buddha, "Be a light onto yourselves."

- Diane Epstein