Ponte Cestio at Sunset (Rome)

Ponte Cestio at Sunset   2009 Rome   ref#5301_fresco

Caput Mundi – Forum Sky   2005  Rome   ref# 4739_fresco

Chiesa dei Santi Luca e Martina –  Roman Landscape      2009 Rome    ref# 7294_fresco

San Pietro (burnt sienna)    2009 Rome    ref# 0851-2_fresco

Pantheon Dome (terracotta)  2009 Rome   ref#051029_6152_terracotta_fresco

Teatro Marcello (burnt siena)    2009 Rome     ref# 4690_fresco

Stairway to Heaven (Piazza di Spagna) ref# 1634_fresco

Stairway to Heaven     (Piazza di Spagna) ref# 1634_fresco

St. Peters at a distance (amber columns)   2010 Rome ref# 5324_fresco

Santa Maria del Popolo    2009 Rome    ref# Z8D6060_fresco

Columns behind the Hidden Door    2010 Rome    ref# 4318_fresco

Forum Columns   2010 Rome ref# 2251_green_fresco

St.Peter’s Basilica Between the Columns  2009 Rome  ref# 5330_fresco_gold

Ponte Cestio (vertical)    2010 Rome    ref# 5300_fresco

Coliseum Storm    2010 Rome   ref# Z8D5711_fresco_sq

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Whether I am shooting photographs from a rickety old city bus out the gritty window toward the Colosseum in a torrential rainstorm, or from the tranquility beneath the Pantheon in radiant light, it is her contradictions that move me. Looking upwards inside this sacred dome, unscathed from the depths of time, its beam of light loom surprisingly from its circular opening, filling the whole curvaceous space with its serenity. I endeavor to capture both the grit and luminosity of this enchanting place, while exploring and exposing the multi-dimensional perspectives I see.

It has always been my artistic purpose to inspire others to view La Citta' Eterna in a new way -- to portray her ancient beauty and authenticity, to reveal her infinite depth so that one can touch her texture, feel her glow, be in her presence. After almost two decades of roaming the back alleys, climbing her seven hills, and viewing the hidden treasures of Rome I can still turn a corner and be surprised by her architectural genius, the shape of her arches and cupolas and the sheer inconceivable notion that she still stands, sometimes in ruins, with her intensely hued crumbling walls, and her stratified depth of being.

- Diane Epstein