Across the Golden Gate  San Francisco Bay Area Golden Gate Bridge  California

Detached — Treasure Island Vista      San Francisco Bay Bridge     California

Goddess of Freedom    2012  New York City    ref# 8715_fresco

Statue of Liberty with Red Ship    2012  New York City   ref# 8717_fresco

Manhattan Bridge Beyond the Tree   2012  New York City   ref# 4736_fresco

Beyond the Brooklyn Bridge    2012  New York City   ref# 3236_fresco

New York Skyline    2012 New York City   ref# 9273_fresco_cr

Union Station    2012  Washington D.C.   ref# 6209_fresco

South Beach Sky    2012  Florida     ref # 4183_fresco

South Beach Amour   2012  Florida  ref# 4158_fresco

On the Road  – Durango, Silverton, Telluride   2012  Colorado    ref# 7825_fresco

Colorado Autumn Leaves   2012  Colorado   ref# 7823_fresco

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad    2012  Colorado   ref# 7252_fresco

Barn on the Road      2012  Silverton      ref# 6968_fresco

Dairy Queen  2012  Santa Fe to Taos   ref# 8881_fresco

Provencetown Harbor Sunset   2011  Cape Cod  ref# 8533_fresco

High Line’s Grassland   2012  New York City   ref# 0293_fresco

High Line Skyline   2012  New York City  ref# 3047_fresco

Washington Square Arch    2012 New York City   ref# 4495_fresco

Railway Blues   2011  Philadelphia  ref# 4335_fresco

















Spring Blossoms. Georgetown University, Washiington D.C. ref# 5919_fresco

Spring Blossoms. Georgetown University,  2011, D.C. ref# 5919_fresco

















Seaside Bliss   2012  Santa Monica Seashore ref# 5003_fresco

  Above the Golden Gate   2012  San Francisco  ref#0716_fresco


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