Bring Your Italian Experience Home With You

Imagine a custom designed photo shoot for you and your loved ones with a magnificent city or countryside backdrop…

If you are coming to Italy for a special occasion, a honeymoon or anniversary, or spending a holiday with your family, you may want to engage a professional to photograph you amongst the myriad sites in Rome and the surrounding countryside for a day or more.

We will make your stay playful and thrilling, exploring both hidden treasures and well-known scenes. Become a part of the romance of Italy and share these special memories.

Diane Epstein on a Photo Shoot in Rome with a Family

Diane Epstein Capturing a Family on a Photo Journey in Rome                                                                                          Capturing a Photo Journey Family in Rome

As part of a photography package, websites, exquisite albums and prints from the shoot can be created, both in color and sepia-toned images, that will allow you to share and memorialize your experience forever.  We also offers commissions to create unique, customized Fresco Photography.

For photographs with you in the picture, whether in Rome, Italy or Europe, or New York and California, please contact Diane for more details: