Vista from a Photo Journey in Rome, Italy with Diane Epstein

Vista from a Photo Journey in Rome, Italy with Diane Epstein

Give yourself the gift of a captivating, enchanting photo journey that will both improve your photographic skills, as well as help you see and capture the world in a new way. With Diane Epstein, fine art photographer and creative coach, you are encouraged to step out of “automatic”,  leave behind preconceived notions about what is possible, and open yourself up to an exhilarating experience with photographs that will surprise and thrill you.

Diane Epstein leads private half day, full day or multiple day photo journeys. From culturally rich cityscapes, marketplaces, and cobblestone alleyways to breathtaking landscapes and natural settings, Diane Epstein guides individuals, couples, and small groups with a collaborative, engaging style that insures the experience will be both eye-opening and inspirational.

Photo Journey Participants Will:

  • Learn more about photography and bring home beautiful memories of your experience.
  • Capture your  adventures in California, New York, Maine, Rome/ Italy, Paris/ France or on your exotic vacation. 
  • Expand your photographic repertoire and enhance your creative skills
  • Journey to unexplored territories and develop a more extensive creative portfolio.

What is Involved in a Private Photo Journey, with you as the photographer?

Your journey with Diane begins in a cafe discussing your vision over a cafe’ or cappuccino. Through your conversation she learns about how you see the world, what you would like to reveal in your pictures, and your level of photographic skills.

She may take you through an exercise before the shoot, so that you can envision the mood and subject matter you may want to focus on, drawing  you deeper into the story you are trying to create.  The goal is to observe the sounds, the aroma, the rhythm, the mood, the emotion, so that you can bring it all together in your own unique portrait of the city or landscape.

Diane assists you in refining your photographic style as you embark on an enchanting pursuit of  images that will inspire and sustain your vision, and express your own unique photographic story.

Diane Epstein’s Approach as Your Creative Coach and Guide

From the moment you begin your photo journey, Diane will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your new environment. She will encourage you to connect with the feelings and subject matter you want to expose throughout the journey and heighten your sense of perception of what is around you. Diane’s approach is supportive, collaborative and engaging. She’ll share insights that will lead to you feeling more at one with your camera and uncover what you would like to express in your photographic story. You will be inspired as images will come to you, instead of you pursuing them, presenting themselves in unexpected ways.

No matter where you are, the journey is about exploration and insight, and less about “mastering” technique. Of course achieving better exposure and composition will be taken into consideration — keeping in mind your level of proficiency – whether you are a novice or a professional photographer.

As you practice seeing more creatively, noticing potential photos at every turn, you will likely fall more in love with the photographic medium as well as develop a greater ability to express your own distinctive style and vision.

Where Do the Photo Journeys Take Place?

Italy: On a photo journey in Rome or other parts of Italy, you will wander down the winding cobblestones, across quaint bridges, through piazzas, hidden courtyards, open markets, ancient ruins, or colorful islands. There will an opportunity to capture the juxtaposition between the deterioration and the grandeur, the cobblestone alleyways and secret gardens, the architecture and fountains, the daily goings on of the local artisans, and the romance of daily life.

San Francisco: When Diane Epstein is in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will have an opportunity to shoot with her by your side, choosing to focus on its bustling ethnic neighborhoods, colorful architecture, and grand vistas. Or if you head to the Napa Valley, together you can explore its luscious wineries, grapevines and dramatic rolling landscapes to get deeper into the art of photography.

New York: If you are able to schedule a time in New York City with Diane, you will have the chance to focus on the monumental skyscrapers, historic landmarks, iconic bridges, dynamic enclaves, vibrant street life and characters you come across – all captured with new eyes.

Maine: During the Fall season where colors are changing she can take you to breathtaking, unexplored scenes, staying in a gorgeous B& B and working your way to Vermont and/or other inspiring locations.

Paris: From its elaborately decorated bridges, rooftops vistas and islands along the Seine, to its sculpture gardens with numerous whimsical, colorful structures, Paris’ hidden gems and iconic architecture are a photographer’s dream. Diane will make sure Paris is a place you will come back to again and again, even if at first it will be with your own photographic creations. 

What Clients Are Saying

Diane Epstein’s photographic sensibilities were superb. I found her instructional and photographic vision as inspiring as her photography. She has the unique quality to inspire, challenge, and convey critical information to her private clients. Her ability to engage people in the community and involve them in the photography was incredible — impressive and very instructive. I found her artistic insight and knowledge extremely helpful to advance my growth as a photographer, and our time together was invaluable to my photographic journey in Rome. I was extremely satisfied with the training, and it exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Diane again in the future, both in Italy and New York.”

— Peter Geller, Photographer

Jann on a Photo Journey with Diane Epstein on the island of Ponza

Jann on a Photo Journey on the island of Ponza

The island of Ponza

Island of Ponza

“I’ve taken several private photo journeys with Diane as my creative coach, [from a couple of days to a week], in Rome, Umbria, Ponza, Sicily and Paris, and learned so much! Diane knows all the hidden nooks and crannies–she’ll take you to unknown rooftop terraces and secret courtyards. She’ll encourage you to shoot from odd angles (we were both lying on our backs for some shots). She helps you to capture the sharp light and deep shadows, and to develop a photographer’s eye for all things, especially Italian. With her encouragement and guidance, you’ll compose photos you love.

— Jann Huizenga, Writer/Photographer

Jann on a Photo Journey with Diane Epstein in Rome

                                           Jann on a Photo Journey with Diane Epstein in Rome

Photo Journey with Joshua in Umbria

Photo Journey with Joshua in Umbria

Photo Journey with Joshua in Umbria

Photo Journey with Joshua in Umbria



For Private Photo Journeys with you as the photographer, whether in Rome/Italy, Paris, New York, Maine, or California, please contact Diane Epstein at for more details.

With you and your loved ones in the picture, visit: Capturing Your Experiences in Italywhere Diane Epstein will create websites, exquisite albums and prints from her shoot with you.  She also offers commissions to create unique, customized Fresco Photography.