Fresco Photography + Biophilic Art

Biophilia [ bahy-oh-feel-yuh ]: a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms; the spirit of place

These fresco images add textural complexity that inspires deeper, real-life experience to enhance moods, uplift spirits & bring your interior space to life.

 Fresco Photography is a unique photographic interpretation of traditional fresco painting pioneered by Diane Epstein. This innovative approach to fine art photography blends distinctive views of nature scenes, landscapes and still life, with multiple exposures of crumbling and natural elements to create an image that is reminiscent of ancient frescoes, with a more contemporary application and felt sense. 

Offering (La Mano) ref# 5642_fresco   Rome    ©Diane Epstein Photography              

By utilizing universal symbols and shapes it can inspire joyful engagement and an appetite for living. By evoking a positive outlook for children and adults alike, this can be especially healing for patients and families in the hospital setting or those engaging in creative work. At the heart of this desire is that which appeals to our sense of taste, touch, aroma, sight and vibration of color, sound and instincts, especially for those who could benefit from emotional and physical nourishment and deep care for health and well-being.  

Nature’s Fingerprints Butterfly Series ref# L9A5346_fresco  ©Diane Epstein Photography                

Fresco Photography captures the splendor of architecture and nature, as well as the imperfections that come from the passage of time. It stands out from the go-to-flat-green, untouched photographs often used without considering the real benefits of biophilic art and design. 

        Owl Eyes Mexico ref# 3656_fresco        ©Diane Epstein Photography                                                                                                                                                                             

Fresco Photography can be printed on aluminum, glass, canvas, resin, and other materials appropriate for healthcare. They  can be assembled from materials that are robust, wipeable and easily cleaned, and can meet the latest transparency standards to reduce toxic materials and cleaning processes, and can be appropriate for high traffic areas. The images can be printed on screens, hung off-the wall, and utilized to create refuge and flexible spaces.    

“I am moved to photograph what is beautiful, luminous, and life enhancing in nature, bringing the outdoors inside, making the interior space come to life.  My greatest desire is to inspire, delight, and celebrate the vitality and healing qualities of the natural world utilizing Fresco Photography.  My latest design applications are aimed to transform the environment to divide, enhance, and adorn the space to support peek and optimal performance and creativity.

I am experimenting with new printing and installation techniques that transform entire spaces by creating environments that connect people with each other and nature utilizing space solutions that are not only functional, but also evoke curiosity and provide a sense of refuge.  I am interested in projects and collaborations related to Biophilic Design and WELL / LEED Architecture that have a greater impact for those who work, live or visit the building where the art and design are integrated into the space.”

— Diane Epstein

Installation (partial) at the Museum of Rome’s Cafe’ Braschi, Piazza Navona 

Pomodori ref# 6435_fresco  Rome   ©Diane Epstein Photography

Mele ref# 0621_fresco Rome   ©Diane Epstein Photography

Limoni ref#5238_fresco Rome   ©Diane Epstein Photography

Pere ref# 3893_fresco Rome   ©Diane Epstein Photography

Fiori di Zucca ref# 9187 Rome    ©Diane Epstein Photography

Carciofi ref# 7683_fresco  Rome   ©Diane Epstein Photography