Venice Fog    2011 Venice    ref # 007-2_fresco

Creative Ways  2011 Venice    ref# 8301_fresco

Blue Canal    2011 Venice    ref# 9337_fresco

Grand Canal Balcony    2011  Venice    ref# 9914_blue_fersco

Cupola Up Close – Santa Maria della Salute  2011  Venice  ref# 4782_fresco

Kaleidoscopic Canal     2011  Venice     ref# 9595_fresco

Gondola on the Grand Canal
     2011  Venice    ref# 9919_fresco

Quintessential Canal   2011  Venice    ref# 8304_fresco

Tower in Venice
   2011    ref# 0006_fresco

Cupola on the Canal (S. Maria della Salute) 2010 Venice ref# 4866_layer

Cupola on the Canal    (S. Maria della Salute) 2010  Venice    ref# 4866_fresco

Crossing    2011 Venice    ref# 9914_fresco

Gondola View   2010 Venice    ref# 9700_fresco


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Venice Impressions

  • architecture
  • cityscapes
  • color
  • frescoes
  • Italy
  • Venice
  • water

Strolling along the canals in the mist of dawn or the golden hour of dusk, with camera in tow, mesmerized by the myriad reflections, I am transported to a place where cars do not exist, boats abound, and water rules. Hearing the sound of the click, clacking of human movements over quaint bridges, the church bells ringing, I go up and down over the curved stairs and through the maze. Then suddenly an opening, a view of the Grand Canal appears. Bursting forth with color, as if to say, "Wake Up World", listen, I do not know how long I will be here, so find the magic in this moment, pay attention.

As if life in all its splendor and decay were one, there to be absorbed, begging you not to turn away, but to accept that we will not be here forever, that demise could be around the corner. We must play at the art of life. Explore, take in the vistas, adorn yourself with whatever costume or creation fits your soul's yearning, maneuver the unchartered labyrinth with as much grace as you can find, get involved in that which you love, become the artist within, get lost and then find yourself -- discover a greater depth of feeling and purpose that resonates with your own creative vision. Look for the beauty, the spark, the mystery of life.

- Diane Epstein