Waiter at Cafe’ Hawelka – Cafe’ Life 2007 Vienna  ref# 6435

Time is Long    2007 Vienna    ref# 6402

Viennese Smoker – Cafe’ Life    2007 Vienna    ref# 6426

Breakfast at Cafe’ Hawelka – Cafe’ Life    2007 Vienna    ref# 6399

Wake Up Call – Cafe’ Life    2008 Paris    ref# 4135

Aux Folie – Cafe’ Life    2008 Paris    ref# 4131

Love Cappuccino – Cafe’ Life    2004 Rome     ref# 4007

Breakfast for Two – Cafe’ Life    2006  Rome    ref# 2465

Vecchia Roma – Cafe’ Life    2009 Rome    ref# 7996-2

Bar Largo Fedo – Cafe’ Life    2005 Rome    ref# 5497

A Serious Read – Cafe’ Life    2008 Paris    ref# 4027

Red the Newspaper – Cafe’ Life    2007 Rome    ref# 5326

Serving in Two – Cafe’ Life     2008 series Paris    ref# 3645

Caffe’ Canova – Tadolini – Cafe’ Life     2008 series Rome    ref# 8902_bw

Clearing Up – Cafe’ Life     2007 Vienna    ref# 6409_bw

Love Peace Power – Cafe’ Life      2008 Paris     ref# 4128_layer

Cappuccino e Cornetto 2013 Rome ref# 0432

Cappuccino e Cornetto    2013 Rome    ref# 0432

An Eye on You – Cafe’ Life     2007 Rome     ref# 6152_bw

Linens at Vecchia Roma – Cafe’ Life 2008 Rome  ref# 7945_bw

Young Guys at the Bar – Cafe’ Life     2008 Paris    ref# 3030_bw

Parisian Style – Cafe’ Life     2008 Paris    ref# 3016_bw

 Set in His Ways –  Cafe’ Life     2008 Paris    ref# 4029_bw

A Spot of Milk – Cafe’ Life     2008 Rome    ref# 1508_bw

Cafe’ Stretto – Cafe’ Life     2007  Rome    ref# 7376_bw

Girl in Paris – Cafe’ Life    2008 Paris    ref# 3043_bw


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European Cafe’ Life

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  • Italy
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  • Rome
  • sepia / b & w

In Europe at least one thing remains constant, whether in Rome, Paris or Vienna, and that is a jaunt to a neighborhood cafe'. While lingering at a picturesque spot in Paris, I am reminded of its famed artists, writers, and musicians, carrying close to my heart that old Parisian mystique, a setting for painters and poets of days gone by. One of the great pleasures of Paris is to sit on a grand boulevard hearing the beauty of the multitudinous languages and observing the people from all parts of the globe. The Viennese Kaffeehaus, often set in a darker, old world ambiance, seems designed for reflection, especially in the colder months, when people come to read and write and savor their rich pastries and Viennese coffee. On the other hand, the Italian "bar" is more outwardly expressive, a true social meeting place, the perfect way to catch up with friends and loved ones, where indulging in the glorious pastime of watching the world go by stays alive. After living two decades in Rome, and indulging in a dally fare of a perfectly blended cappuccino and a warm cornetto, there is no more civilized and pleasurable ritual than to begin each morning by awakening my senses in such an unhurried, delectable manner.

- Diane Epstein