Tree Reflection 2015 Sonoma Valley ref# 20159745A_fresco

Tree Reflection  2015 Sonoma Valley, California ref#20159745A_fresco

Pathway to Peace 2015 St. Helena, California ref# 20159876_fresco

Pathway to Peace 2015 St. Helena, California ref# 20159876_fresco

Fontana della Famiglia Verde     2015  St. Helena,  (Napa Valley) California      ref# 20150037_fresco

Fontana della Famiglia Verde     2015  St. Helena,  (Napa Valley) California      ref# 20150037_fresco

Lily Pond, Sonoma Valley ref# 20150768_fresco

Lily Pond   2015  Sonoma Valley, California   20015ref# 20150768_fresco

Blossoming Artichoke, Sonoma Valley ref# 20150782_fresco

Blossoming Artichoke    2015  Sonoma Valley, California     ref# 20150782_fresco

Grapes of the Vine 2015 Sonoma Valley ref# 20150803_fresco

Grapes of the Vine      2015    Sonoma Valley, California      ref# 20150803_fresco

Artichoke (lavender) ref# 20159739_fresco

Opening Heart Artichoke  (lavender)     2015 ref# 20159739_fresco Sonoma Valley,  California

Showered with Light 2015 St. Helena, California ref# 20159883_fresco

Showered with Light 2015  St. Helena, California ref# 20159883_fresc0

California – Napa & Sonoma Valley

  • California
  • landscape
  • Napa Valley
  • nature
  • Sonoma
  • wine country

Diane Epstein has been creating large-scale fine art fresco photography and collages for over a decade. She was based in Rome, Italy for two decades and in the last year has moved back to Northern California where she resided before moving to Italy.

Diane collaborates with and is commissioned by designers, architects, art consultants and collectors to create fresco photography with ambiance and moods consistent with the aesthetics and functionality of a wide range of interior spaces. Epstein’s ability to blend the contemporary, upscale with an ageless, timeless feel, brings a sense of retreat, incorporating hidden and iconic scenes of the area, ideal for California interiors.

Diane has executed numerous large-format works for public space, including a multi-faceted project for Stanford University graduate school where she developed and produced huge diptych and triptych fresco collages on canvas for 4 lobbies, using hundreds of shots taken on the Stanford campus. Collages of this type in various printing methods can be created for projects that are site specific.

One of Diane's commissions in the Sonoma Valley involved creating a fresco of trees on sliding glass for a private estate in Sonoma. She collaborated with a glass fabricator to create an 85” vertical fresco that was imbedded in the glass with iron mechanics so the door could slide. Special lighting was installed behind the door to create a luminous effect.

Epstein has shown her work in solo exhibitions in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Malaysia, Tuscany and Rome, including the American Academy in Rome and international embassies. She is now producing and showing large-scale works on glass, paper, and aluminum and creating a new body of work that includes California, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and the Napa and Sonoma wine country.

The process of fresco photography includes shooting color, texture and rich surfaces and superimposing them onto scenes of architectural details, cityscapes, rural landscapes, bridges, cupolas and hidden gardens. By overlaying multiple exposures in varying degrees of translucency, keeping intact the integrity of the original photograph, the iconic scenes are no longer familiar and instead are seen with a distinctively novel perspective.

Diane's vision and creative process goes beyond the literalness of an untouched photograph allowing her to integrate both the allure and the grittiness of authentic beauty. In the process of coming back "home", Diane is seeing it with new eyes, and the opportunity to create something enterprising and heartfelt back in Northern California is a natural progression in her artistic career.

Works-in-progress that can be developed for new projects may include photographs of windmills, water towers and old remnants, architectural details, and nature's wonders with scenes of birds, animals and colorful, local vegetation.