Fine Art Exhibitions of Diane Epstein Photography

Diane Epstein_Shears & Window_Meet_the_Artist


Transforming Interior Space with Fresco Photography

Meet the Artist: DIANE EPSTEIN

TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015   4-7pm

232 E. 59th STREET, 6TH Fl.
NY, NY 10022    T 212 987 8505





















Opening Pantheon ref# 051029_6152_gold_fresco

Opening (Pantheon in gold)     copyright Diane Epstein

Gerald Bland. The Fine Art Building. New York

Transforming Interior Space with Fresco Photography
232 E. 59th STREET, 6TH Fl.  NY, NY 10022   T: 212 987 8505

View other works by Diane Epstein at Gerald Bland 

“In Diane Epstein’s Fresco Photography, she captures distinctive views of cityscapes, monuments, ancient stone and statues, hidden gardens, and sacred places and blends them with multiple exposures of crumbling elements to illuminate the splendor of architecture and nature as well as the imperfections that come from the passage of time.”

Diane Epstein’s work is shown in fine art galleries, museums, luxury properties and public spaces. In Italy her work has been exhibited at the American Academy in Rome, the American Embassy in Italy, the Belgian Ambassador’s Residence, Galleria Paolo Antonacci, Caffe’ Braschi in the Museum of Rome, and Rome Luxury Suites. In the U.S her works are exhibited at Gerald Bland gallery in New York, Susan Calloway Gallery in Washington, DC., Panopticon Gallery in Boston, and at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.


Capturing the Timelessness of Venice  & the Italian Countryside – Solo Exhibition of Diane Epstein

Vernissage for Exhibition, “La Roma di Diane Epstein” with Paolo Antonacci (left)

Alvaro from the Paolo Antonacci Galleria with Diane Epstein

La Roma di Diane Epstein with Italy’s foremost art critic, Lorenza Trucchi











Solo Exhibition of Epstein Photography at Giardini di Sole
Giardini di Sole (Boston) Exhbition of Diane Epstein’s Fresco Photography 


U.S Gallery and Showroom Representation

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Panopticon Gallery
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Susan Calloway Fine Arts
1643 Wisconsin Ave NW | Washington DC 20007 | (202) 965 4601
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